Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wedding Specials

Day Of Services -  covers rehearsal, wedding day, and reception for a LOW price of $800! Email me for a more information

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quote for the Day

It is one of life's laws that soon as one door closes another opens.  But the tragedy is we look at the closed door and disregard the open one.                   Andre Gide

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reflections of 2011

The year of 2011 brought many trials and tribulations personally and professionally.  One of the biggest challenges for me, as I'm sure for many people,  was money! During the Nashville flood of  2010 I was laid off work with Colemill Enterprises the little airport that set right behind Opryland.  The flood took it's toll with over sixteen foot of water in the airport hangars, water damaged airplanes,  a mud slid in the parts department as well as water, and water completely destroyed the first floor of the main office building.  It was a small family owned business where your co-workers were also like family.  So it was kinda like losing a job and a family at the same time.  With no flood insurance and no federal funds available because it was a private airport the bank finally had to foreclose December 29, 2010.  With the job market really grim and a small weekly unemployment check things around our household really got tight.  My son was injured at school an required 6 staples on his left side which was another bill we couldn't afford.  About 6 weeks before school was out for the summer we were told the school was closing it's current location and moving to Goodlettsville next year.  So now our issue was here would he go to school next year and would we beable to keep him in private school?  Me and a another school mom hosted and planned a end of the year party entitiled "A Walk Down Memory Lane" .  I think we enjoyed it just as much as the kids did!  I also did alot of yard work over the summer, closet cleaning, window washing all those things you never have time to do when your working.  After awhile there wasn't much left to do unless you had money to do it with. I did enjoy being at home and having my house clean and dinner ready when everyone got home.  Within a couple of months our savings account was deleted and bills started getting behind.  The stress level grew daily, resumes seemd to be going out by the hundreds, gray hair began to show, and our daily meals were not always a meat and three.

As for the wedding business I was unable to renew my contract with Weddings 101 and therefore I lost alot of contacts with vendors and brides. Ashley and Amy are both wonderful people and I hope one day have my booth back in there store.  On a higher note I did book several weddings and met some incredible people.  One of my bridal couples have started there on photography business "Q Avenue Photography" they are really a sweet couple and have taken some beautiful pictures.  My last wedding of the year was in October with all the fall colors used in flowers and simple gold and ivory for the linens. People often ask me why I like doing this - meaning weddings.  My answer is simple:  "I love what I do"  just seeing the grooms face as his bride enters the room makes everything I do worth doing. 

Over the course of the last year and a half I have learned alot of things.  Value each day as you don't know what tomorrow brings, by thankful for that job even if you hate it, material things don't matter as you can't take them with you when you die, what counts is what's on the inside, don't purchase things you don't need,  use coupons, cook at home instead of going out, plan out your errands runs to save gas,  cut out expenses you can't afford or need, spend quanlity time with your kids, read, write a daily journal, and most important find peace with yourself and that spiritual feeling only you can receive from God.  God has walked beside me each and eveyday;  he will not leave or forsake you.  May God bless each of you..... .


Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding Toast

The best man toast is usually a heartfelt speech praising the qualities of the groom and his new bride.  Men like to keep this light and humorous as that is usually the easiest way to deliver this speech.  Keep it amusing but don't say anything to truly embarrass the bride or groom.  Remember, their parents and grandparents are at the reception!  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Season is Here

Live your wedding day to the fullest.  We handle the details so you can relax, enjoy, have fun, and share this once in lifetime event with your family and friends.
"Day Of" package covers your rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Day Special

Wedding Day Special

Now through March 31st our "day of" wedding package is a low $650 this covers your wedding rehearsal, ceremony, and reception!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Madness - "Day Of" Special

During the month of March save 20% on our "day of" wedding service.  "Day of" includes rehearsal, wedding ceremony, and reception a great value for the DIY bride. 

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